Why Invest with
San Martin Mining

Opportunity calls as global infrastructure spending is increasing,  creating a major demand for high value materials across all markets. 

Resource Sector Demands Grow

With resource extraction opportunities across a range of materials and governing jurisdictions San Martin Mining stands to benefit from its large portfolio of commodity rich tenements.  Targeting Gold, Silver, Copper, Uranium and Rare Earth Minerals.

Our Argentinean leases are already proving to priority project with drill ready high-grade targets >2.5million ounce gold/silver and Australian based exploration has shown up to 3.15g/t Au being returned.

Rare Earth Minerals …

With the current turmoil in eastern Europe their is a continued question over the ability of Russia to continue  to supply upwards of 50% of the Uranium and what trade restrictions may come into force. The 273 nuclear reactors (globally 436) in the USA and EU would be immediately interested in a large-scale, low-cost  producer, that is a free-market corporation, outside ex-Soviet jurisdictions or Chinese ownership.

This interest would include significant long-term contracts and possibly pre-payments to catalyse start up Germany has thrown its weight behind demands to sanction uranium imports from Russia and other parts of Vladimir Putin’s civil nuclear industry in retaliation for his invasion of Ukraine.  Such a move would hit the supply of uranium that fuels the bloc’s power reactors, as well as new nuclear projects managed by Russia’s Rosatom Western Europe subsidiary

  • Growing energy demands from developing countries and once in a generation shift towards clean energy is creating exponential demand for clean, reliable energy 
  • nuclear energy is positioned to be a key component of this transformation
    • Strategic concerns about uranium supply concentration
    • security of supply not just supply mix
    • China has 68 nuclear power stations (NPS) and 29 in construction
    • UK (9/2/6 new NPS planned)
    • Japan (6/26/34 NPS), Germany (3/6/19 NPS)
    • France expanding its NPS program (currently has 56 reactors)
    • India 22/9 in construction – completion in 24/25
  • Major demand for materials due to global infrastructure spend and EV demand
  • PRL has a large project portfolio with the potential for several commodity specific spin-outs with PRL shareholders as vendors
  • Focus on two globally significant mining jurisdictions
    • Argentina is emerging as a first tier mining environment with massive exploration upside, skilled work force, globally competitive cost structure and no native title issues
    • Australia is a leading first tier mining economy with premium infrastructure, robust regulatory oversight and rule of law
  • PRL’s projects have tier 1 mineral deposit potential with low cost and rapid resource delineation
  • The lead projects are high quality projects in uranium, critical metals, gold, copper, silver and base metals and will be drill ready at IPO
  • Drilling and development news-flow will closely follow the IPO
  • Internationally renowned Board and management team with extensive experience in resource exploration and mining
  • The Piche Resources team have been involved in large resource development and mining operations globally

Only the Best


Eco Friendly Mining

New mining technologies and regulations have significantly improved mining efficiency and reduced environmental impact in recent years. In general, mining techniques become much more environmentally sensitive when efficiency is improved because less waste is produced.
San Martin Mining aims to exceed local regulation.


High Quality Management

The board of directors and our team of experienced Geologists will drive the development


The Newest Technology and Science

Will allow higher yields and more efficient mining practises gaining access to deposits.

“The opportunities that are present both in the evolving markets and the access we have on the ground are rarely this evident”

John Simpson – Chairman